When would you have a consultation at home for PIP?

Most people who claim Personal Independence Payment will need to have a consultation as part of the assessment process.  A consultation may not be needed if enough supporting information is available for a report to be completed by a Health Professional and sent to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Where do we carry out PIP consultations?

For people who do need to be seen in person most consultations take place in one of the Consultation Centres around the country.  If your health condition or disability means that you cannot get to a Consultation Centre that we asked you to go to, please contact us on the phone number on your appointment letter to discuss how we can help.

In some cases we can offer you a consultation in your own home. 

How is a home consultation decision made?

A consultation will take place at your home if you are unable to travel to a centre due to your health condition or disability.  This would apply if, for example, your GP needs to see you in your home rather than their surgery.  It is worth saying though that even if you do travel to your GP surgery it does not mean you won’t be eligible for a home consultation.

Other reasons why you might have a home consultation

A small number of home consultations may take place for reasons other than your inability to travel.  For example, this might be because you live in one of the small number of places where there isn’t a consultation centre within 90 minutes travel time by public transport.  A list of all of our PIP consultation centres can be found on our website.