What we do

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has passed your Personal Independence Payment (PIP) case to us to be independently assessed.

Our job is to help DWP understand how your health condition or disability affects your daily life.

Once we’ve finished our assessment of your case we will send a report to DWP, who then make a decision on your PIP claim.

Watch this video to find out if PIP is for you or somebody you know. Also available in BSL.

The Process

  • 1. Register your PIP application by contacting DWP - There are organisations who can help you complete your application form. View our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or visit Department for Work and Pensions website.

  • 2. Application Form - You will be sent a “How your disability affects you” form to complete and send into DWP.

  • 3. Handover - DWP will send us your form to assess.

  • 4. Initial Evaluation - Our Health Professionals will review your form and any supporting evidence you supplied.

  • 5. Additional Information - We may seek additional information by contacting you, or may also get in touch with medical professionals who support you if we believe further evidence would help inform our advice to DWP or remove the need for a consultation.

  • 6. Arrange Consultation - We let you know if you need to attend a consultation.

  • 7. Consultations - If you are asked to attend a consultation, it will be with one of our Health Professionals. You can bring new or recent information relevant to your case and you are welcome to bring a companion. This can be a carer, friend or support worker along with you.

  • 8. Report - The Health Professional carrying out your consultation will write an independent report. This is based on the evidence you’ve already provided and anything you discussed if you attended a consultation. To make absolutely sure everything is consistent and accurate, we randomly select reports to quality check. 

  • 9. Case returned to DWP - When we’re satisfied with your assessment report, we’ll send it to DWP. They randomly select assessment reports to quality check.

  • 10. Decision - DWP will make a decision on your PIP claim. They will send you a letter informing you on their decision.

What we promise to do

  1. We will treat you with compassion and respect. If you ever feel that we haven’t done this, then let us know straightaway.

  2. We will look at all the information you, your GP and any others involved in your care have given, to make sure we assess you fairly.

  3. If we think we need to, we will meet with you and really listen when you tell us how your disability or health condition affects your daily life.

  4. We will provide DWP with a fair and accurate report as soon as we can.

  5. We will protect your personal information.


Making a claim?

If you live in England, Scotland or Wales and want to make a new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim, please contact Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).