We will pay for your travel

When you arrive at the Consultation Centre, you’ll be offered a travel expenses claim form and pre-paid envelope. You can use these to claim back your travel costs. Please keep your receipts, as you’ll need to send these to us.

Our Centre team will be happy to assist you in filling out the form, and we’ll send the form off on your behalf if you pass it to one of the Centre team.

If you lose your form you can download and print one here. A large print version is also available. When we get your form back, we will carry out our standard checks on the form and the receipts you send to us, linking them back to your appointment details.

Please send your completed forms back to:

Independent Assessment Services
PO Box 1006
TS19 1UL

Ways we pay travel expenses

If you wish to have your travel expenses paid into your account, you’ll need to know your bank or building society details when you fill out the form. Please note that we’re not able to pay travel expenses in the following ways:

  • in advance
  • in cash
  • into a Post Office account
  • into a building society account with a roll number

If you have any questions about claiming travel expenses, please call our Customer Service Centre using the number on your appointment letter.

How we will pay travel expenses

Please note as of 31 March 2017, the Post Office is ending their Cashcheque (also known as ‘Giros’) service and will no longer accept Cashcheques after 1st July 2017.  As a result of this change we will not be able to provide payment for travel expenses using this method.  We will, instead, continue to use BACS and cheque payment options to provide payment.

Travelling by taxi

In some circumstances we can reimburse the cost of travelling by taxi. This is decided on a case-by-case basis and only applies where public transport isn’t available or where your health prevents you from travelling on local services.

If you feel that you need to take a taxi, you should contact our Customer Service Centre using the number on your appointment letter. We will then confirm whether you’re eligible to have your taxi costs paid.

Please be aware that if you don’t contact us before you travel, we can’t guarantee to pay back your taxi fare.

Which travel expenses can I claim?

If you travel on public transport we will reimburse the cost of return travel from your current address.

If you travel by car, we will reimburse 25 pence per mile. We will also pay your parking costs.

If you travel with a companion we will pay their travel expenses too.


Please keep your receipts, as you’ll need to send these to us.