What happens after your assessment?

  • We write a report - The Health Professional you saw will write an independent report. This is based on the evidence you’ve already provided, as well as anything you discussed in your face-to-face consultation.

  • We select reports for quality checking - To make absolutely sure everything is consistent and accurate, we randomly select assessment reports to quality check. We’ll write to you if your report is one of these.

  • We pass your case back to DWP - When we’re satisfied with your assessment report, we send it on to DWP.

  • DWP select reports for quality checking - To make absolutely sure everything is consistent and accurate, DWP also randomly select assessment reports to quality check.

  • The DWP decision - DWP will look at your claim and its supporting evidence. This includes our assessment report and your questionnaire and further evidence.

    DWP will send you a letter once they’ve made their decision, explaining why you will or won’t get PIP. This process usually takes around a month from your consultation date.

If you have any questions about your claim during this time, please contact Department for Work and Pensions on 0345 850 3322 or textphone 0345 601 6677.

Claimant Satisfaction Survey

Claimant Satisfaction Surveys - We might ask you to complete a satisfaction survey to make sure we hear your views on how we have done. This will help us make our service better.

Assessment report

Getting a copy of your assessment report -  You can only request a copy once DWP writes to you with their decision. To ask for your copy you should contact DWP on 0345 850 3322 or textphone 0345 601 6677. We’re not able to provide a copy of the report on the day of your face-to-face consultation.

We will pay for your travel

At the assessment centre, you’ll be offered an expense form and pre-paid envelope. You can use these to claim back your travel costs.