Don’t forget your travel expenses form

If you have a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) consultation at one of the Independent Assessment Services Consultation Centres, remember to collect a form for your expenses while you are there. You should always be offered one by one of our Reception team, together with an envelope to return it in (you don’t need to pay the postage).

If you lose your form you can download and print one here. A large print version is also available. When we get your form back, we will carry out our standard checks on the form and the receipts you send to us, linking them back to your appointment details.

What can you claim expenses for?

You can claim your travel expenses from your home to the consultation centre. This includes if you travelled by public transport (bus or train for example) or in a car driven by you or someone you know. You need to make sure that you keep any tickets or receipts that you get for your travel so that you can send them with the form. This includes receipts for parking if you needed to pay for it. If you travelled by car (but not a taxi) you need to say on the form how many miles you travelled. The money you get back is then worked out from that number at 25p per mile.

In some circumstances we can reimburse the cost of travelling by taxi.  This is decided on a case-by-case basis and only applies where public transport isn't available or where your health prevents you from travelling on local services.

If you feel that you need to take a taxi, you should contact our Customer Service Centre using the number on your appointment letter. We will then confirm whether you're eligible to have your taxi costs paid.  Please be aware if you don't contact us before you travel, we can't guarantee to pay back your taxi fare.